Things I don’t know

When looking at the testing models, are we testing to see what people know or what people don’t know?

I agree everyone needs some type of a foundation to start with but once we have the basic foundation shouldn’t we be focusing on what we know as opposed to what we don’t know?

I don’t know anything about mechanical things so doesn’t it make more for me to focus on the things I do know and let others do the things I don’t know? I’m sure if I really wanted to learn I could become adequate with mechanical things (over time) but why focus on the things I don’t know much about (which are many) when I can focus on the things I do know. Not surprisingly, the things I know the most about are also the things I care the most about.

Really focus on what you know and what you care about and find others to help with the things you don’t.

Have a great day!