Economic Development

There is a lot of talk about economic development. Just in West Virginia alone there are numerous non profits involved in economic development and I can’t imagine how many there are nationwide or worldwide.

When I look at what some of them are doing it makes me wonder if they have a different definition of economic development then me.

In many cases it seems they feel that economic development involves talking about…economic development and everything we are missing. After everyone is in agreement on what is missing, they feel their job is done and they move on. Or, if they have access to grant money or some other form of investment money, they might see that as the solution.

The reality is economic development, at a micro or macro requires a great deal more. It requires, education, training, relationship building, networking, providing resources such as legal and accounting help and much more.

Until we start addressing the real needs…and stop the idea that talking about it or simply throwing money at a problems is a solution, not much will get done.

Have a great day!