The Billboard

The next time you see a billboard on a major highway or road, give some thought to whether you would be comfortable with your last text or email appearing on that billboard.

You never know who might be reading your texts or emails so if you aren’t ok with them being read by EVERYONE, please reconsider what you are sending.

Once you hit “send” it’s out of control who sees what you are sending. There is a chance you are sending to the wrong person by mistake (we have all done this and if you think you haven’t, it’s more likely that you just don’t know you have). There is a chance someone else is reading the recipients emails and texts (friend, relative etc). There is a chance your boss has access to your email (if you are using a company email address, the company usually has access and the legal right to read your email). There is a chance the recipient forwards the message on to others. There is a chance the government has the ability to read your messages (and by chance, I mean VERY HIGH CHANCE)

Please don’t think that deleting a message or using one of the services that expire a message will save you, there are work arounds for virtually everything.

If you aren’t willing to have your emails, texts (facebook posts, tweets etc) on the next billboard, reconsider what you are sending.

Have a great day!