What’s next?

There are business people who have successfully run multiple companies (Steve Jobs and Elon Musk come to mind). While this is extremely difficult to do and not something most people should be looking to do, it doesn’t mean people should rest on their laurels when they have had some success.

A great example would be Sir James Dyson. Best known for his creation of the bagless vacuum cleaner, he followed this up with the Dyson Airblade (the hand dryers you see in some public restrooms that are much more efficient then the old blow dryer and more sanitary then the towels) It would have been easier for the Dyson company to rest on their laurels and just stuck with the vacuum cleaners but they decided to branch out and have another great success. The risk is following up a great success with a failure (and Dyson did this with their washing machines) but without taking these type of risks, they also wouldn’t have their big wins.

So, what’s next for you?

Have a great day!