Silk Road

Silk Road was a series or routes and networks connecting the west and east. It allowed for the exchange of fabric, garments, technologies, cultures and much more. Silk Road started around 200 BC.

This is fascinating to me because the concept of Silk Road is still very applicable today (and I’m not referring to the darknet marketplace that has received a fair amount of notoriety). The people who control the marketplaces and transportation have incredible amounts of power.

An example of a modern day Silk Road would be They have created an incredible online marketplace for people to buy and sell their goods. Some would argue that they aren’t profitable but it’s important to keep in mind they plow most of their “profits” back into research and development. A predecessor to Amazon would be They created a marketplace through their auctions. Their are many others in specific industries such as for the crafters.

In terms of the transportation side, it doesn’t do much good to be able to sell something if the buyer can’t get it so the FedEx’s and UPS’s of the world have incredible value. There are specialized transportation groups as well (think uber or

Controlling the marketplace and transportation systems are a great way to get a small amount of a LOT of transactions and while it’s not always as exciting as the big sale, in the long run the Silk Roads of the world have a great deal of control, what is YOUR silk road?

Have a great day!