Same actions different perceptions

A group of religious people have strong beliefs and when they are “attacked” from the outside, they kill each other (whether it’s suicide or some type of agreed upon murder) rather then succumb to the outsiders.

While this could be the story of the Jonestown Massacre led by Jim Jones down in Guyana (November 18, 1978) it also could be a description of the Siege of Masada, which took place around 73 CE.

While the actions were somewhat similar the perceptions were quite different. One group was considered to be a crazy cult while the other group was considered by many (but certainly not all) to be heroes who were willing to die for their beliefs.

This isn’t about debating the merits of either group (I’m not interested or qualified to do so) but I believe they are interesting examples of how looking at a persons or groups actions can cause for you to establish some perceptions based on your own beliefs and customs. Unfortunately, if you can’t look at things from other peoples eyes (taking into consideration their beliefs and customs) you can’t see the entire picture.

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