Good people

Good people occasionally create terrible things. Really good people then try to fix their mistakes.

An example would be Arthur Galston. Galston was a botanist who taught at places such as Cal Tech and Yale University and one of his “accomplishments” was discovering the defoliant effects of a chemical that was developed by others into Agent Orange. Agent Orange caused millions of people to be disabled or worse.

It would be easy to assume the person who helped develop such a biological weapon would be a bad person but he was simply a gifted botanist who was doing what he does while doing the type of research that researchers do.

Galston, as early as 1965, lobbied against Agent Orange and then went on to form the Interdisciplinary Center for Bioethics.

This wasn’t a case of a bad person turning good, instead it was a case of a good person creating something that was used for bad and then working hard to fix the issue. Was he able to fix the terrible tragedies that resulted from Agent Orange? No, but he was able to work to save many others from other tragedies occurring in the future. That is what good people do.

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