Front room vs back room duties

People tend to spend a lot of time performing secondary duties while they really should be spending as much time as possible performing primary duties.

An example is the salesperson who needs to be performing more sales functions but instead is doing paperwork to make sure the bookkeeping is accurate. It’s not a question of whether the bookkeeping is important (it usually is) but whether the salesperson is the best person to be doing these duties.

Another example is the head college coach who needs to be out recruiting but instead spends much of their time dealing with compliance issues. Compliance is extremely important but it doesn’t mean it’s the best use of the head coaches time.

Peter Drucker referred to this as front room vs back room. The front room refers to the issues supporting the core business. The back room refers to everything else. Focus should be on the front room and let others (“outsource”) as much of the back room as possible. The people who would then do the back room functions would see those as their front room duties

Owners of small and medium sized businesses don’t believe they can afford to hire others to do these back room duties but the reality is, in many cases, they can’t afford not to.

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