Create a work environment you would want to work in

When running a company (or any type of an organization) it’s important to consider the work environment.

One way to make sure it’s a positive work environment is to create an environment that you would want to work in. It’s not that your way is the right way but it will allow you to surround yourself with like minded individuals.

As an example, I like to work in relative quiet. I might have music playing in the background but if I had to work around constant loud noise and a lot of movement around me, I would be extremely inefficient. By creating an environment I like to work in if I want to add more people to my organization, they would know what is expected and either act accordingly or realize it’s not the right place for them.

If you have created an environment you wouldn’t want to work in yourself, you might want to consider changing the environment, or moving on.

Have a great day!