Many people are concerned about their reputation RIGHT NOW. They want to know how many friends they have on Facebook, how many followers on Twitter and how many likes on other platforms.

What about their reputation 100 years from now (or longer)?

Some of the true greats in history were not well thought of during their time. Socrates (who I believe to be one of the great educators and philosophers of all time) was put to death for corrupting the youth with his teachings. Galileo Galilei spent the last part of his life in jail because of his belief of heliocentrism (the belief that the earth and planets revolve around the sun as opposed to what was the belief at the time of the geocentric model where the earth is the center). Ignaz Semmelweis was ridiculed back in 1847 for his belief on how to prevent many cases of child death (if you don’t know the story, it’s fascinating and involves the “crazy concept” of doctors WASHING THEIR HANDS).

These are the type of people who change the world, even if they didn’t have many “likes” (or whatever the equivalent was back during their time).

Have a great day!