Promise a lot and then over deliver

There is a popular business axiom to under promise and over deliver. People have said this for years (and a few of those people have actually done it). It’s really not that great a feat to lower expectations and then exceed them. Is that something people are really going to talk about?

What if you promise a LOT and still OVER DELIVER?

The other night we went to see the Bruce Springsteen concert in Louisville. Anyone who has ever seen a Springsteen concert knows that he raises the bar pretty high. He wont do a an hour and half show with a half ass effort. People KNOW he is going to be performing for 3-4 hours at a high level. If anything, he EXCEEDED the expectations of the crowd. If he had simply done what people expect they will leave happy but not talk much about it. By exceeding the high expectations, the reviews are glowing and people leave telling others.

It’s easy to set a bar low and then exceed it…why not raise the bar and then blow past it?

Have a great day!