Playing by different rules

We like to assume everyone plays by the same rules. The difficulty arises when you are competing with an opponent who is playing with different rules.

Two soccer teams play a match and the same rules apply to both sides.. Some people might claim that some rules are applied differently to one team then the other but more often then not, that is a case of perception rather then reality.

It’s a completely different situation when the two sides are playing with completely different rules. Sadly this happens with various wars and terrorism throughout history. We can look back to September 11, 2001 as a prime example. When terrorists don’t value the lives of anyone, including themselves, they can do things that the other side would never consider doing. There might be people I don’t like but the idea of taking their life, or giving up my own life to make a point, would never occur to me. It’s difficult to fight with someone when you value life and they don’t.

It’s too easy to assume everyone has the same rules, the same values and the same beliefs as you do but that is a big mistake.

Make sure you understand the rules the other side is playing by before the competition begins.

Have a great day!