High Tech and Low Tech

You assume that an area is either high tech or low tech. When you think of Silicon Valley you think high tech. When you think of the Amish areas (PA and OH) you think low tech.

This is why the area around Green Bank WV is so fascinating to me.

The Robert C Byrd Green Bank Telescope is located there which is the worlds largest fully steerable telescope and allows for some truly huge discoveries that couldn’t be done anywhere else.

The interesting dichotomy is that because of the technology being used in the telescope the area is part of the United States National Radio Quiet Zone. This means no wifi, no cell service, no microwave ovens and other restrictions. So because of the high tech telescope, the rest of the area is very low tech.

For some this might seem like a major inconvenience, for others it’s a way to get away. I have seen some interviews of residents where they talk about how great it is to talk to people in person as opposed to texting or some other technology communication.

The idea of combining high tech and low tech is kind of intriguing.

Have a great day!