The Coffee Shop

It’s pretty common these days for people to suggest “let’s get together at the local coffee shop to discuss” when they have some form of a business or personal issue they want to talk about.

Maybe it’s just me but I rarely think that is a good idea. It’s one thing if it’s just an opportunity to catch up on what they are up to but for anything more I don’t feel it’s an appropriate location.

The first issue I have with the coffee shop meeting is the complete lack of privacy. If it’s an important issue, I don’t want to feel I have to be careful of what I’m saying because the person at the next table might be listening. I also don’t want to wonder what the other person is holding back for this same reason.

Secondly, while the coffee shop might seem to be a convenient location for all parties, I think of it as an inconvenient location for all parties. If everyone has to leave their offices and homes to go to the coffee shop, how is that convenient? Isn’t it better, if it’s a meeting between 2 people, to only inconvenience 1 of the people and meet in the other persons office? If it’s a matter of wanting to meet in a neutral location, many hotels will rent out a meeting room, or there are frequently other options. It might not be free but it’s better for all.

Thirdly, some people (like me) don’t like the taste or even the smell of coffee.

The coffee shop has a purpose but I’m not sure business meetings are that purpose.

Have a great day!