It’s easy to look at an isolated incident and assume you can extrapolate out from there. The problem is that isolated incidents might not be representative of the bigger picture.

As an example, last February there were a number of days here in Charleston WV with temperatures below 0. From that it would be easy to say that last year was one of the coldest years ever. However, if you look worldwide, over the course of the entire 2015 year, according to the World Meteorological Organization it was the warmest year on record. So taking a look at a specific location on a specific date is not representative of the big picture.

Another example would on September 19th 2015 the Ole Miss football team beat the University of Alabama football team (sorry Matt). When you look at the big picture Alabama went on to be the national champion.

Be careful about taking a snapshot of a situation and assuming that is the same as the big picture.

Have a great day!