Do you tell them?

I was introduced to a business contact by email recently and noticed that there was an error in her name on her email (the name that shows in the “From” in your email program). Yesterday I met her in person and I mentioned the mistake and offered to show her how to fix it. She was grateful and then mentioned that this hadn’t been changed in over 2 years so her last name (which has a very common spelling) had been misspelled in all of her business emails for over 2 years.

When you see an error that can easily be fixed do you point it out (and typos or grammatical errors in my blog do NOT count)?

I guess for some people this could be embarrassing so to avoid the possible embarrassment they simply avoid the issue. Isn’t it better to point it out (assuming it’s something that can be easily fixed) and help them fix it?

For 2 years people saw this persons email and either never noticed the mistake or noticed and never said a word…seems somewhat sad to me.

Have a great day!