It’s easy to think of your organization as being independent. The thing to realize is even companies that fully control certain industries are dependent upon others.

A great example would be Microsoft and their operating systems. For a number of years Microsoft had over 90% of the operating system market share but that doesn’t mean they weren’t dependent upon others. Their big dependency was Intel. The operating systems could only be as powerful as the processors. It didn’t matter how good the programming if the processors weren’t powerful enough. Luckily Moore’s law held and the processors kept getting faster and thus the operating systems could become more advanced.

Another example would be Netflix. They have become a true juggernaut in the movie streaming industry (in the evening hours, 37% of US internet bandwidth is for Netflix) but without increased bandwidth and streaming capability their current business model wouldn’t work. While they are the powerhouse they are still dependent upon others for their growth.

Realize that no matter the size of the organization, we are all dependent upon others.

Have a great day!