Irresponsibility and consequences

A few days ago I was walking down the street and an ambulance drove by with the siren on. As it approached the intersection he slowed down and a car ran a yellow light, forcing the ambulance to come to a complete stop because the driver of the car thought it was more important to be texting and driving rather then giving an ambulance with a siren blasting, the right of way.

First of all, this person should be ticketed for texting and driving. Secondly, if the delay of this ambulance results in any additional medical issues, I hope there is some way this person could be charged with some form of an additional crime. If a persons intentional disregard for others results in injury or possible death, this person should be charged accordingly.

Is there really anything so important in your texting or phone calls that it’s worth risking your life, as well as others? Multi tasking, which means doing multiple things in a half ass way while driving means you have such little understanding of the dangers of driving that maybe you shouldn’t be driving.

If I call, or text, any of you, and you are driving, please ignore the call or text. I can assure you it’s not worth putting your life, and the life others, at risk. If you don’t think this is dangerous…you are wrong.

Have a great, and safe, day