Replacing personnel

Organizations have to replace personnel on a regular basis.

It might be because of retirement from a business, graduation from a school team or any number of other reasons for attrition.

Too often we replace a lower level person with another lower level person. To grow as an organization we need to be replacing lower level people with higher level people.

As an example, if we are talking about a volleyball team, it doesn’t do any good to replace a backup setter with another backup setter. You want to replace a backup setter with someone who can compete for a starting position.

If you are a sales organization and can replace your fourth best salesperson with someone who will be your best salesperson it means your first sales position is now stronger, as is your second, third and fourth.

Replacing to the top will make your organization stronger, but it’s also easier to say then do. At the very least, you should be looking to do this whenever possible.

Have a great day!