Tags vs Folders

In the paper world we had to use folders to keep track of documents, pictures etc. Sadly, now that we are in the digital world too often we are still using folders.

The advantage of a folder is you can put one document in one folder and know that it is there.

The disadvantage of a folder is a document will frequently pertain to more than one folder so our options are to choose the “best folder” or make copies and put a copy in each folder. The problem then is if you update one copy you then have to update all copies or else you start to have “version issues”.

The alternative is to use tags instead of folders. A document might be connected to a specific person, a specific event and a specific location so by tagging that document with that person, event and location, when you need to find that document you can search using any of those tags. It doesn’t matter how many changes you make to the document, the most current version will be available with each tag.

Filtering using tags vs storing using folders is not a new idea but it’s one that still is taking too long to really get traction.

When possible use tags to help track your files, documents, pictures etc

Have a great day!