Preparing for the downturn

When things are going well, some people feel they can treat potential clients like crap. The thing they don’t take into consideration is when things turn around and they need those same people, people remember.

In the construction industry this seems to be common. During the summer months when there is a lot of work out there, a contractor may, or may not, return calls or show up to quote a new project. They aren’t terribly worried because their phone is ringing with other opportunities.

When it’s winter time and there isn’t much work out there, those same people can be somewhat desperate. The thing they don’t realize is if they treated people better when things are going well, they most likely would have plenty of opportunities even when things have slowed down.

Keep this in mind when things are going well. It’s easy to get complacent but what you do in the good times will affect you when there is a downturn in your business.

Have a great day!