(Lawrence Fine Blog) Let the other side start

If you are involved with a negotiation and aren’t sure where to start, let the other side start.

By doing this, you can get a better understanding of where they stand in the negotiation. While you might get a low ball offer to start, at least you know where they are and can then figure out where to go from there.

In my case I am a terrible negotiator for my services. I frequently under price my services. Because of this, I find it easier to let the people wanting my work to make an offer. From there, I can know whether it’s even worth negotiating, whether it’s better to walk away or how much they really value what I have to offer. Sometimes I learn early on we aren’t ever going to be close so we shouldn’t waste each others times. Sometimes I learn that there is a way to work things out so everyone benefits and other times I learn to shut up and accept their offer.

I guess if you are really good at negotiations it’s ok to start but otherwise, try to get the other side to make an offer

Have a great day!