Winning the lottery

For many people winning the lottery would be a dream come true. Lot’s of money, no worries etc.

The reality is quite different. Many lottery winners (and I’m referring to the big winners) aren’t prepared for that type of a windfall and end up losing it in a short period of time.

The same is sometimes true in business.

Imagine you sell a product and getting a huge order from WalMart. While this might sound great, where are you going to get the financing to source the raw materials? Where will you do the manufacturing (while you might have a location for small production, getting the huge order changes a lot of things). Are you going to be prepared for the returns (what to do with them and how to pay for them). While the big sale might seem great, it can turn into a complete nightmare if you aren’t prepared.

If your business is in a position of potentially “winning the lottery” you might want to make sure you are ready for it.

Have a great day!