The neglected are great targets

When looking at future industries or niches to target as prospective customers, it’s common to look for the big groups. The problem with this is these same groups are the ones that everyone else is targeting as well. Why not look for the smaller, neglected groups that are grateful for any attention they might get.

As an example, a number of years ago I sold soccer equipment through one of my websites. Everything from uniforms, goals, balls etc. At first I tried going after some of the big name clubs with the thought that if I could get a few of them, it would make it easier to get others. The problem was that everyone else seemed to be going after these same clubs and because of that these clubs were in a position of strength and were wanting to negotiate huge discounts on every sale. This didn’t seem like a good thing to pursue so I pivoted and went after the smaller, lesser known clubs. While the bigger name clubs were looking for 50% off plus a lot of free gear, the lesser known clubs were elated to get a 5% or 10% discount. As a bonus, there were a lot more lesser known clubs then there were big name clubs and many of these clubs were much bigger (meaning they bought more things) then the bigger name clubs.

Look for the neglected markets and there are some great opportunities there.

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