Built up goodwill

A few years ago a local organization went above and beyond to help a good friend of mine. They provided help outside of their normal commitments and never asked for anything in return. Why did they do this? Partially because my friend had done things for them but also because they are a group of nice people.

Fast forward a couple of years and this organization needs some help with some software. They don’t have funding for what they need but asked for a quote for their project with the idea they would try to find the funding somewhere.

To me this is a complete no brainer. The project they are needing isn’t too difficult and when I think back to what they were willing to do for others I can’t think of any group more deserving of some help when they are in need.

This isn’t about me being willing to help but rather about how this group has built up massive amounts of goodwill.

It’s easy to ask others for help but have you ever thought how much you have helped others? The people who have built up this type of goodwill don’t do it so that when they need help others owe them, rather they do it because it’s what makes them special.

Have a great day!


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