Target Market

It’s important to know your target market. Once you know your target market you have a much better idea who to communicate with and who not to.

One of the problems many of us have is we listen to too many people outside of our target market. If an outsider doesn’t think it’s a good idea, or does think it’s a good idea, it really doesn’t matter much. If they aren’t going to be an end user or they aren’t going to be the customer, does it really matter much whether they think it’s a great idea or a terrible idea?

When someone tells me “everyone loves the idea” it makes me wonder if “everyone” has made a payment. In business, it’s the person who is actually paying for the goods whose opinion matters the most. If you hear from a lot of people that they love what you are doing but they aren’t paying for the goods or services, either they aren’t being truthful or they aren’t your target market.

Find your target market and those are the people you need to be listening to.

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