Step up

The other day I watched the movie Selma. Since this was the first movie I have attended in 6 years it’s a safe bet this blog wont be turning into a movie review blog but besides being an excellent movie it reminded me of what can be accomplished when people step up and do things.

Martin Luther King Jr was the head of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. He helped accomplish more than most of us could ever dream of accomplishing.

While Dr King was the head of the SCLC that isn’t where his power came from. If anything the SCLC’s power came from his influence rather than the other way around.

Too many people wait to be appointed to a position, or they wait to be elected or they wait till being selected. People who really want to accomplish something go out and do it, without waiting for someone to tell them to do it.

Great people don’t wait to be asked, selected or chosen, instead they take the reigns and know they might have to deal with the consequences later.

Are you going to wait till someone asks you to step up or are you going to step up and get something done?

Have a great day!


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