Great lesson and a congratulations

Two nights ago the Penn State University Women’s Volleyball team won the NCAA national championship. This is a tremendous accomplishment for the team, the players, the university and the coaches.

A lot of people can look at what this program has accomplished over the years (6 national championships in the past 8 years, 7 total national championships which is the most of any NCAA women’s volleyball program, numerous All-American’s, numerous Academic All-American’s, multiple national players of the year etc.) and be amazed. It would be difficult for anyone to look at this program and not be incredibly impressed.

One person who seems to be able to do just that is their coach, Russ Rose. For him to look at his program and be impressed would require him to look backwards and that seems to go against much of what he believes in.

For him to look back would take away from his preparation for going forward. When his program won 4 national championships in a row, he looked at each of the following years as a new start and not a continuation of the past year. He had different players, different opponents and different situations. Therefore it wasn’t about continuing a streak but rather about preparing for today and tomorrow.

When you are always looking forward, you wont get caught living in the past. It’s a great lesson to learn.

One of the difficult things about writing this particular post is knowing that Russ will be one of the first people to read it (he is a long time subscriber to this blog and when he responds to one, it’s usually very early in the morning…and a bit sarcastic).

There is a lot to learn from Russ but for now I would simply like to say congratulations to him and his program for another great season.

Have a great day!


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