Does it move the needle?

When looking at a ToDo list one of the challenges is deciding the order of things to do.

It’s easy to pick the easiest things to do first, or to pick the fastest ones (so that it looks you did a lot regardless of whether they were important or not).

While sometimes there are obvious things that have to be done first (prerequisites) whenever possible think in terms of doing things that will move the needle first.

Things that move the needle would be anything that increases revenue or decreases expenses, or even simpler, things that affect the bottom line in a positive light.

If your choice is between something that will directly result in a sale or something that will make your office look a bit nicer, choose the thing that will result in a sale (this might explain why I have had some pictures in my office for the past 10 months and haven’t gotten around to hanging them).

If your choice is between making a sales call or working on your branding, make the sales call.

If your choice is between finalizing your budget or posting to Instagram, finalize your budget.

Do the things that will move the needle first and then the rest later.

Have a great day!


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