When to leave a script

The other day a salesperson called me trying to sell me something (I have no idea what she was trying to sell me).

She politely asked if I had time to speak with her and I explained I only had a couple of minutes so if this would be quick, I would consider her offer. She said that would be fine and then proceeded to read through her script, trying to develop a rapport with me. I interrupted her and explained this was taking too long and I needed her to get to the point quickly. She said she understood and then went back to reading her script. Once more I tried explaining she had to go quicker and she again acknowledged this and then went back to her script. I then said goodbye and hung up on her.

There is a chance I could have been interested in what she was selling and I was willing to give her a few minutes but the fact that she couldn’t deviate from her script and get to the point eliminated any chance of a sale.

If you are trying to sell something and can’t improvise somewhat, you are going to lose opportunities. Know the product, service or opportunity well enough to actually talk about it rather than reciting a script and you will do much better.

I guess I’ll never know what she was selling.

Have a great day!


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