Is your auto generated communications working?

The other day I filled out a form on a website to get more information regarding a piece of property I’m interested in. The form required me to put in my name, phone number and email address. Within a few seconds of submitting I received a notification of a text message (which was sent to a NON mobile number that normally would not receive text messages). Just because you might use a cell phone exclusively don’t assume others do. Next I received an email from the Realtor, which was auto-generated with the subject “Call you in a bit”. That call didn’t arrive.

The next day I received an email from this same Realtor saying “here is the information about the property you requested” but there was no information included (and all I really wanted was to set up a time to see the property).

I finally called the Realtor and set up a time to see the property but in the back of my mind I keep thinking “should I even bother with this person?”. If she can’t get this simple communication done properly, what else might she mess up.

The point here is have you checked your auto-communications (which might include an email signature, a voice mail message etc) to make sure it’s working properly and providing accurate information? If not, how much business might you be missing?

Have a great day!


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