Learning the simple things

The other day I was with a business associate and he showed me something on his computer. I asked him to send me the URL via email so I could see this on my computer later on. He had no idea how to do this. I was a bit surprised since he is both an attorney and an accountant and spends a lot of time every day working on a computer. When I showed him how to do this he realized his method of telling someone to go to a search engine and then search for something was much more difficult.

How many little things could/should we learn to make our lives easier? When we talk about continuing education we usually are referring to specific areas within our industry but would it make sense to do continuing education for the basics? As an example, although I use Excel multiple times a day, I’m sure there are many things I could do better if I knew how to use it better.

If you have the opportunity take the time to learn some of the simple things out there, it can only make your life easier.

Have a great day!


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