History and what wasn’t learned

Recently I started reading a book about 20 significant business people in our history and the lessons we could learn from them. The 20 included the like of Robert Morris, Henry Ford, John D Rockefeller, Walt Disney etc.

On the one hand it is amazing how they did things that no one had ever done before (and especially given the limitations and sizes they were dealing with) and changed the way business was done (everything from Rockefeller’s understanding of transporting products and negotiating based on guarantees to Fords use of the assembly line, to Walt Disney’s risk taking etc).

The other thing that is amazing to me is how many people decades (or in some cases, centuries) later still haven’t learned these lessons.

Companies create products without much thought given to what happens if they have to be able to scale.

Companies don’t factor in shipping and logistics and then find find the costs and other issues become a huge problem.

Companies (and owners) aren’t willing to put up their own resources because “it might fail” so expect others to take the risk while they get the benefit.

There are some great lessons we can learn and it just requires taking the time to learn from history. It takes less time to learn from others than it does to repeat all of their mistakes on your own.

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