Flipping the billing process

What if we flip the billing process for services rendered?

Instead of charging for work performed, we charge for time wasted.

A consultant doesn’t get paid for performing the services they are supposed to do but they get paid a LOT for the time wasted on conference calls, meetings etc.

A salesperson doesn’t get paid for demonstrating the product but instead gets paid for the amount of time wasted explaining the same thing over and over and for waiting for meetings that get delayed etc.

A manager doesn’t get a regular salary but instead gets paid for every unnecessary memo they have to read, every meeting they attend when their presence wasn’t needed, every conference call that involves useless discussion etc.

I realize it’s not a viable option but if people were charged for wasting other peoples time, they might change their methods dramatically.

Just something to think about (and a bit of a vent)

Have a great day!


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