1500 and 160,438

Two interesting numbers regarding today’s post.

First, this is post number 1,500 on this blog. Considering I didn’t have much of a plan when I started writing this (on May 8th 2008) I will admit I’m somewhat surprised to have hit this number.

The other interesting number is 160,438. This is the number of comments that have been posted to the blog and blocked because they were spam. That is over 106 per day (and the number is going up dramatically as recently there have been days with over 1000 comments a day blocked). I’m not sure how many of these were people posting their garbage and how many are computer generated but either way, this is an incredible waste of time and resources to post these (it takes virtually no time to block them as it’s all automated).

What if, instead of sending unsolicited emails, and instead of posting irrelevant comments to blogs, people actually spent their time trying to do something significant that would make the world a better place? Is it possible we could actually make a difference in this world?

Just two insignificant numbers I thought I would share.

Have a great day!


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