Optin vs Optout

When organizing an event one decision that one must make is to go with optin or optout. Optout means inviting a group with the understanding of RSVP if they can NOT attend. Optin is where the RSVP is to indicate they can attend.

It’s much easier to go with optout as you assume everyone will be attending unless otherwise indicated. No response assumes the person or group will attend.
Optin is more difficult but more accurate as people who attend must be proactive and respond.

The problem with the easier choice is it puts the onus on the receiver. If I don’t want to attend, or can’t attend, I have to respond to something I will not be participating in. The person who doesn’t want to attend is more likely to also be the person who doesn’t choose to respond. This also assumes the person receives the invitation. The invite could have been lost in the mail, deleted in the email or never received for some reason or other. This person might have wanted to attend but because they never received the invite,

If you want the easy way, go with optout, if you want the more accurate way, go with optin.

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