Low hanging fruit

In looking at business development and sales opportunities many people think they should focus on the “low hanging fruit”. This is another way of saying they go after the easy solutions.

In theory this makes a lot of sense but in reality there are some problems with this.

Since this started with fruit let’s assume you are out picking apples. If you go out to an apple orchard and only go after the low hanging apples, you are quite limited in your selection. You might find one tree with wonderful apples but once the easy ones are picked, you are forced to move on (because there aren’t anymore that are easy to pick). You then have to move to a tree with inferior apples because you don’t want to work hard to get the good ones. The other issue to consider is others are also looking at the easy apples so you are competing with everyone else for the easy ones while much better ones might be readily available (albeit a bit more difficult).

In business development you might go after the low hanging fruit in the very beginning but quickly find the area you want to specialize in and then target that area specifically and really work it to get the best (even if it’s not the easiest)

Another way to look at this is that some people are gatherers and some people are hunters. The gatherers are the people looking for the easy pickings. Once they have the few easy ones they move on to find other easy ones. The hunters target their market and then work it hard.

If you want to be successful either be the hunter or find some hunters. A group of gatherers might enjoy life short term but long term wont grow your organization.

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