Linkedin and Credibility

Recently I received a notification from Linkedin that I had been endorsed by someone for a skill.

On the one hand I guess I should be grateful. On the other hand this was from a person I don’t know, who I’m pretty sure I have never met and for a skill I don’t do, and if I did do, I would be quite poor at.

What gets accomplished by putting up somewhat random endorsements? Is the hope that I would respond by endorsing them for something I have no idea if they are good at or not?

To me this puts anything this person has to say into question. Furthermore, it puts the Linkedin platform at risk as it’s only as good as the information people enter. If there are a lot of falsehoods on the platform, the platform becomes meaningless.

If we want things to have credibility we need to treat them as such, if not, they become worthless.

Have a great day!


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