Buying something brand new is cool. It’s pretty, nice and shiny.

The problem is, new also frequently means high priced.

A used car is typically significantly cheaper than a new car. The minute it’s drive off the lot the value of the new car goes down dramatically (even though the usability stays the same).

Second hand clothing (or vintage clothing) can be a lot cheaper than new (and in many cases the quality of the vintage clothing is far superior).

In many cases, business opportunities work this way as well.

If you shop properly you can purchase rental properties for a LOT less than what they would cost to build and even after renovations, you can rent them out for a nice profit.

Struggling businesses can be taken over at major discounts (in some cases investors are willing to take pennies on the dollar if it means they can walk away and not have to worry about putting more money into the company). While the company might not be valuable at the initial build price, at the discounted price they might be a great purchase.

If you are willing to look past the nice and shiny and look at true values, there are some great opportunities out there, for those willing to get their hands a bit dirty.

Have a great day!


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