One of the most difficult things to do, as a manager, is deal with an employee who has been outgrown by the organization.

This employee might have been there from the beginning. This employee might have been an integral part of the team as the organization grew. This employee might have demonstrated incredible loyalty to the organization. The problem is when the organization has outgrown the employee and not only can they no longer contribute but now they are holding the organization back.

Dealing with this type of employee is difficult because you know how valuable they have been in the past, you know how much they have contributed and you know how loyal to the organization they have been. The problem is, if you show more loyalty to that employee (or employees) you are hurting your organization and how is that being loyal?

In many cases, when an organization has outgrown a person, not only is it in the organizations best interest to let them go, it’s in that persons best interest as well because it’s frustrating not being able to contribute.

It’s even more difficult when the person the organization has outgrown is yourself.

Just something to think about.

Have a great day!


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