When people think of the word “obsess” they frequently think of it as a negative term. It’s usually associated with a disorder (OCD) and since no one wants a disorder it must be bad.

Frederick Taylor was obsessed with improving industrial efficiency and was at the forefront of scientific management.

Steve Jobs was obsessed with simplicity in design and this was evident in the products that came out of Apple during his time in charge.

Michael Jordan was obsessed with being the best basketball player as was evident by the incredible success he achieved.

There are plenty of others who are truly obsessed with something the do and while none of them might be as well rounded as others who weren’t obsessed with something, there is a reason these people were the best at what they do.

There are a lot of reasons being obsessed can be bad but it would be difficult to find many people who were truly the best who weren’t obsessed in some way or other.

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