Being influenced

Frequently we see what someone else is doing, think it would be a good thing to do…but then keep right on doing what we were doing.

The other day I was down in Asheville NC and had the opportunity to eat at Neo Burrito. Rather than talking about doing the right things when it comes to sustainability and being ecologically responsible, they were doing it.

When you go in their restaurant, there are plants hanging from the ceiling (many plants). Rather than using chemicals to create a great a nice smell, they used nature. Instead of using tap water to water the plants, they were capturing the rainwater from the roof and using that water to keep the plants watered. Rather than them choosing how much food a person wants, they allow you to create your own dishes and charge based on quantity (so you could order as little, or as much, as you wanted and no more). The real interesting thing was that they didn’t have a place to throw away your garbage (uneaten food, napkins etc). Anything they can’t reuse or recycle they turn into compost and use on their farms. The idea that a restaurant can have no garbage is truly thought provoking to me. If they can do this, why can’t I?

I have read a fair amount about ones carbon footprint, sustainability etc but truly seeing a business that lives what others talk about was truly amazing.

Will I ever get to where this business is? Probably not but there is no doubt they have had an influence on me and the key is what they did, not what they talked about.

By the way, the food they served was GREAT!

Now if only I could have that type of influence upon others.

Have a great day!


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