The cost of bad

Sometimes in order to save money, other times for reasons of ego, still other times simply due to bad logic people choose to go with bad without realizing the future costs involved.

As an example, a company might choose to go with a cheap flyer rather than a complete brochure and while this might save money in the short run, how much might it cost in the long run? How much business might this company be losing in future sales because of this cheap flyer? How does the bad choice affect their reputation with the people who see the bad work? If the organization is lucky they will have the opportunity to spend even more money (more cost) to redo their bad work. If they are unlucky, the bad choice will cost them the business (yet sadly they might still not understand what this bad decision cost them and instead will think “at least we didn’t lose even more money by going with the brochure”).

The right vs wrong decision wont necessarily be about money (spending more doesn’t necessarily mean higher quality) but the wrong decision will almost always result in less money.

Just something to think about.

Have a great day!


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