Change the presentation

Recently I was working with a client and when we were going over some numbers for his business I was surprised by how the numbers weren’t making much of an impression on him. We were looking at comparisons in revenues over different years as well as comparisons with some of his competitors. This client is very savvy but for some reason wasn’t getting what I wanted him to from the numbers.

The next meeting I had some charts prepared which took the numbers from the previous meeting and presented them in a more visually pleasing graph. Right away the comparisons were easily understood and decisions were easily made. This was the same content but with a different presentation.

This was a very good lesson for me because different people accept information in different ways. Some people like to see raw data, some like pie charts, some like bar graphs, some like a simple explanation. If you aren’t going the information understood one way, be willing to change the presentation.

Have a great day!


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