Five minute meetings

Most people who attend meetings will admit that there is an incredible amount of time wasted in a meeting. We can encourage people to be better organized. We can prepare agendas to keep people on task. There are many things we can do.

Why not start with the length. Most meetings get scheduled for thirty minutes or one hour increments. The real question is WHY? Why schedule something for an hour when we should be able to through it in 10 minutes? People will find a way to use the rest of the time (not necessarily for a good purpose but it will be used).

What if we scheduled all meetings in 5 minute increments? Can everything be done in 5 minutes? If not, be willing to go to 10 minutes or even 15 minutes but don’t jump up to an hour just because it’s an easy number to deal with.

Plan on using 5 minute meetings and, when needed, increase the increment by 5 minutes at a time. You might find meetings are more efficient, more effective and more enjoyable.

Have a great day!


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