The best connections

We all know someone who, if we were to introduce them to someone else we know, would benefit from the introduction. In many cases, the introduction is easy to do and doesn’t cost us too much (a drink, a dinner or a favor).

The challenge is to make the connection beneficial to all concerned. We all know (or should know) that favors have a cost so the challenge is how to remove the cost by making the connection beneficial to all concerned.

As an example, if you could connect a new marketing person with someone who has experience in marketing, the new marketing person could benefit from this experience…but what is in it for the experienced person? On the other hand, if you could introduce a new marketing person to a start up business that has a great product but has a tremendous need for new ideas when it comes to marketing and sales, that could be a perfect match. The marketing person might be able to get some experience and the start up has someone they can afford. Now instead of asking one side for a favor, you are potentially doing both sides a favor.

The thing to understand is just because you see something as beneficial to both sides it doesn’t mean they will. You have to either figure out how to help them with what they know they need or to help them see what you are sharing with them truly does help them (it’s too easy to think that because something would help us that it will also help them and that is not always the case).

Making these mutual beneficial connections helps everyone (actually it doesn’t always help the person making the introductions, in the short term, but somehow or other it will come back to help them long term) but does take some time and effort to do properly.

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