Do you know what is going on in your organization?

The other day I was having dinner with a group of people. One of the group ordered a steak cooked rare. The steak arrived medium well and as soon as he cut into it, the server noticed it and immediately offered to take it back and have another one prepared properly. This server did an exceptional job of being proactive and the second steak came back perfectly prepared. The customer left satisfied, the server did his job…but a meal was poorly prepared and ended up being thrown out. Was the manager or owner informed? What are they doing to prevent this from happening again? If the answer was no they weren’t informed and nothing is being done to prevent this from happening again, that is a problem.

If a hotel guess has a bad experience, are the general manager and owners informed?

If a customer at a store is dissatisfied, who knows about this?

One reason the management and/or owners don’t know is the employees don’t want them to know. The other reason is management doesn’t want to know. If they truly wanted to know, they would put in procedures to make sure they were informed. If they truly wanted to know they would have a way to monitor everything as they go.

It’s easy to think everything is going well. It’s much more difficult to actually know what is going on and have everything go well.

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