Balance in work

One of the difficulties with running a small business is being able to balance current clients/customers vs new client acquisition. Add to that “actual work” vs “client relationship” and it becomes difficult.

The other day I was looking at my schedule for the day and I saw the following:

8AM Conference call with a customer

8:45AM Conference call with a customer

9:30AM Meeting with a potential customer

11AM Meeting with a customer

1PM Conference call with a business partner

2PM Meeting with a potential customer

5:15PM Conference call with a potential new employee

The problem with this type of a schedule is the only time to get actual work done is early in the morning or late in the evening.

If we just focus on current customers needs, it’s difficult to grow your business. If you focus on growing your business you neglect current customers and end up losing business.

I wish I had the answer to how to get proper balance in work but it’s something many of us need to spend more time with.

Have a great day!


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