Unconventional payments

Businesses would like to maximize their revenues whenever possible. The problem arises when the business wants to maximize their revenues and the potential buyer/customer is looking to minimize their expenditures (especially in the short term).

There are other, unconventional, payment methods.

You could try to barter (you trade your goods or services in return for their goods and services).

You could try a revenue share (a marketing person might take a percentage of the additional revenue they generate as compensation in return for their services). The risks include your not having a good service or product, the service or product not being a good fit, the partner (and when you do a revenue share, they do become your partner) not utilizing things properly etc. On the other hand, if things go well, the potential might be much greater than a straight price.

Another option, if it’s a big project might be an equity stake. This is more of a long term investment than any of the others but again, might result in a much greater return than the others.

I’m sure there are others but these are a few options that might be worth pursuing

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