Strategy vs Implementation

I have been speaking with a few marketing/sales organizations about the possibility of hiring them for a new project and everyone wants to be involved in the development of the marketing and sales strategies but when it comes to the implementation of these strategies, I seem to get a lot of double talk.

There is no doubt that the strategies are important. Without proper strategies, we would be spending a lot of time on unimportant matters and not enough time on important matters.

On the other hand, if an organization could then take these strategies and actually implement/apply them they would take themselves from an expense to a profit center (if done properly).

I can’t speak for others but I would be willing to spend a LOT of money for a profit center but am limited in terms of how much I can spend on additional costs.

Figure out how you can be a profit center for an organization and, if they are smart, you will be able to name your price. If you are just another expense, be prepared to justify yourself in GREAT detail

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